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Community Work In Progress

| Robert Patton |
During the next few months, you may notice various contractors hired by the Association out in the community doing work. This work will include replacing 2,122 mailbox numbers with new, larger numbers. This is being done free of charge for all owners. Over the years, the Association has performed various refurbishment measures in an effort to extend the life of an owner’s mailbox post. The contractors will not open any owner’s mailbox. They will simply be removing the old numbers, repainting the number plaque black, and attaching the new numbers. They will do this in groups of 3-5 posts at a time.

Another task we have to complete is taking three photos of each of the 2,122 homes in OakLeaf East. We are taking one photo from the left, one on-center, and one from the right. This is a reoccurring task for the Association and is to be done approximately two times a year. The purpose of these photos is NOT to document violations by looking at the photos after they are taken. It is simply to assist the Association when communicating with an owner about their home. The contractor will be walking when taking these photos. The contractor is a long-time resident of OakLeaf East so feel free to say hello. Please don’t hesitate to call the Association at 904-806-2006 if you have any questions or concerns.