Late ARB Application Fee of $150.00

| Robert Patton |

As part of Oakleaf POA’s continuing efforts to encourage compliance through our members’ use of community policies and procedures, the Association, through the East and West POA’s Board of Directors, adopted a policy.  The policy states, “whereby when an ARB Request which is made after work has been started or completed, it will incur a Late ARB Application Fee of $150.00.”   The payment of the $150.00 Late Application Fee does not guarantee approval for the ARB Request, and the fee is non-refundable.  If a member refuses to pay the Late Application Fee, the member will be subject to the normal compliance process and treated as any other violation.

Various methods the Association uses to encourage member compliance include: fining, “self-help” remedy, demand letters, liens, mandatory pre-lawsuit mediation requests, and ultimately foreclosure in certain cases.  For emergency repairs associated with roof leaks or other Estoppel-related items, this policy might not apply.  Please Contact the ARB Coordinator to discuss your particular situation.  Members must properly submit the ARB Request via our easy-to-use webforms and receive a confirmation by the Association that it was deemed an emergency situation, or urgent matter, to avoid the $150 Late ARB Application Fee.

The good news?   The fee for an ARB Request that is acted upon by the committee prior to any work being performed, is currently FREE ($0.00).  Again, ARB Requests are easy to submit and ARB meetings are now being held approximately every two weeks, where possible.   Members, or their contractors, are always welcome to email the ARB Committee with questions they might have about a proposed project by using the Contact the ARB Coordinator email address

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