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Plogging: Environmentally-Conscious Jogging

| Robert Patton |

Going for a jog in the morning?  Perhaps an afternoon walk after dinner? Before you head out the door, grab a trash bag.  You’ll find that your next stroll through the parks and neighborhoods of Oakleaf will be much more satisfying after some plogging.

What is plogging?  Plogging is defined as jogging with picking up litter. It first started as an organized activity in Sweden in 2016 and quickly spread to other countries.  Thanks to social media, this craze has turned ordinary workouts into community-driven efforts to protect the environment.

Oakleaf has its own share of ploggers.  Many neighbors have witnessed morning joggers carrying a trash bag and picking up discarded rubbish by the side of the road.  These acts have inspired many within the community to take part in keeping the neighborhoods looking their best.

Not only does plogging help with keeping the roadsides clear, but it’s also great with keeping the local wildlife safe.  Many animals live within the community, including birds, deer, turtles, ducks, and rabbits. Litter such as Styrofoam and plastics can be potential choking hazards to unsuspecting creatures foraging for food.

It’s easy to get on social media and complain about the litterbugs.  With plogging, this constructive activity gives folks the opportunity to get outside, enjoy some exercise, and keep their Oakleaf neighborhood looking beautiful.  Chances are, you’ll see your fellow neighbors doing the same.  It’s a huge win all around.