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Spring Cleaning

| Robert Patton |

Spring is right around the corner.  Are you ready to give your property a fresh look for the new year? Coming home to a beautiful looking home is something that we can all enjoy.  Here are some simple things can make a huge difference in the “curb appeal” of your home.

Pressure Washing 
One way to quickly freshen up the look of your property is to pressure wash your home.  There are many benefits to pressure washing areas of your home and property, but there are some risks if the work isn’t done properly.  Damage to window screens, window seals, and also potential damage to the surface of your home can occur if the work is done incorrectly, especially if too high of pressure is used during the process.  When done correctly, pressure washing is a valuable part of home maintenance.  Pressure washing other areas like driveways, sidewalks, porches, and curbs can all improve the look (and SALE VALUE!) of your home.

Landscaping Beds
Another easy thing to do before the start of the spring growing season is to inspect your landscaping beds to see where you can make improvements.  Do you have weeds and grass that have grown up through the mulch or rock?  Using herbicidal products from a local home improvement store to combat the weeds in your beds is easy to do, and actually sometimes fun.   I purchased one that has a battery-operated spray nozzle that operates without any pumping or excessive squeezing of the trigger.   Defining the edges of the landscaping beds by using a string-trimmer or powered straight-edger will improve the look of your landscape.   It is not always necessary to use pavers standing on end to create boundaries for shaped beds as sometimes the pavers are actually more difficult to maintain in the long run than the value they bring to the landscape.  Be sure that when you apply fresh mulch, it is applied in the proper depth(3″-5″) in order to prevent weed growth.