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East POA CEC Committee Meeting – Feb 8, 2022

2022.02.08 CEC Meeting notice

East POA CEC Committee Meeting – Feb 8th, 2022

Topic: Oakleaf East POA CEC Hearing
Time: Feb 8, 2022 6:30 PM EST
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Meeting ID: 954 6114 5356
Passcode: 320845

 The Association welcomes any Oakleaf East POA Owners of Record to attend this Committee meeting but be aware that this is an official Association meeting and not an open discussion forum for residents.  CEC Agenda Participants have been properly notified, per Florida law, and each will be given an opportunity to speak to the Committee about their unresolved issue(s).   3 minutes will be provided for each agenda item to an owner but this time may be extended at the pleasure of CEC Chairperson.  Please be respectful of the time allotted to complete this important Association business. 




Feb 08 2022


6:30 pm