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Mailbox Parts

Accidents happen. A damaged mailbox can be tricky to fix on your own. Replacing the parts to your mailbox? It’s as easy as filling out the below form. We keep everything in stock so you’re not without your mail for very long.

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Mailbox posts, boxes, and number sets are usually in stock and readily available. The Association maintains a constant inventory of these items as a convenience to OakLeaf property owners.

If the installation option is chosen, the Association's vendor will install the post as quickly as possible, usually on the weekend but please note that inclement weather may cause a delay.

Selecting the installation option for post includes: removal of old post from the ground and the direct in-ground burial of the new post, using cement to stabilize. The new post will be installed in accordance with USPS guidelines which state that the bottom of the mailbox should be located 41-45" from the road's surface and that the front of the box should be placed 6-8" back from the curb. The old post and box will NOT be removed from the property as these items are your physical property and will remain as such. Feel free to dispose of them as you see fit.

OakLeaf POA Approved Number Sets are cut from a permanent adhesion vinyl, 3M-7725-10 White, set in Friz QuadrataC Bold at 2.5" Tall.

OakLeaf POA Approved Mailboxes are galvanized steel, post-mount boxes in gloss black with a red flag. Model - Gibraltar, Size - Medium

Pick Up Location: OakLeaf POA Office