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ARB Requests

Oakleaf ARB Requests

When you’re ready to move forward with your next big home project, ensure you submit an ARB request before hitting ground. The Architectural Review Board (or ARB) in Orange Park, Florida, works with you to ensure you have all the information you need so you can start your project with fewer worries in mind.

The ARB Process

The role of the ARB (Architectural Review Board) process is to ensure that the integrity and overall quality of each neighborhood is maintained at the highest level possible, while still allowing room for an owner’s individual taste in design, colors, and materials. This process helps maintain property values and keeps our OakLeaf homes looking beautiful and vibrant.

All plans and specifications will be evaluated as to the harmony of external design and location in relation to surrounding structures, topography, existing trees, and other natural vegetation. The ARB committee meets every two weeks throughout the year and will approve or disapprove ARB Requests which have been properly submitted via our website.

Any applicable checklist (fillable PDF) should be completed, saved with the form’s changes, then attached, along with any supporting information or photos, to your ARB Webform Request. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted may cause a delay in your project being considered for approval. 

Any change or modification to a previously approved ARB Request requires the property owner to obtain written approval from the ARB Committee for the specific change or modification being requested.

Looking for more information regarding what’s allowed as a homeowner in Oakleaf?  Our Information page [Click Here to Go To Page] includes all the POA documents that should cover everything you need to know.  Any questions you might have should be directed to the following email:  Click Here to Email the ARB