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Tips For Homeowners

A trash can icon Trash Cans

All Trash shall be placed in a recepticle when awaiting pickup.  Trash and recycle containers should not be placed curbside before 6 PM the day prior to pick-up, and should be removed from the curb area, and stored out of sight from any roadway, OR another owner’s property, by 6 AM the day after pick-up.  Additional information is available on the FAQ page.

Household Garbage pick-up – Monday
Yard Waste and Recycling pick-up – Friday

Weekly garbage pick-up is managed by Waste Managment.  For special items or other questions & complaints, call Waste Managment at 904-284-6374  You can find comprehensive information at the following link: Clay County Curbside Service Standards

A trash can icon Parking

Roadways within Oakleaf Plantation are maintained by Clay County but are subject to certain restrictions found in the Association’s governing documents.

Per the documents: No parking is permitted on areas where the subdivision’s drainage flow may be interrupted or diverted in any way. Furthermore, no vehicle shall park in a manner that would obstruct the delivery of mail.  No boat, travel trailer, mobile home or motor home can be placed, parked or stored on any lot unless totally contained within a garage or otherwise screened from view and located in a rear yard, subject to the approval of the Association.  No vehicle with a commercial application, as indicated by a logo or insignia on the exterior of the vehicle, a vehicle with an attached trailer, or any other commercial characteristics can be placed, parked, or stored on any lot unless totally contained within a garage or otherwise screened from view and located in a rear yard and is subject to approval by the Association. Vehicles parked on the street must face the direction of traffic and have the wheels no more than 12 inches from the curb. 

Vehicles parked in common areas are subject to being towed using the CDD’s policies as a guide for enforcement.

A trash can icon Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes may be permitted subject to review and approval of the Association or permitted as otherwise identified herein.  If the Satellite Dish will not be visible from the street, no Association approval is required.  Likewise, no Association approval is required for a Satellite Dish measuring 39.37 inches (1 meter) or less that can be installed so that: a) it is not visible from the adjacent Right Of Way; or b) installed on the rear portion of the roof (from the ridgeline back), even if visible from the street.  Satellite Dishes located in any other location on the property will require the review and approval of the Association.  Any application for locating a Satellite Dish on any other location should include information about the reason for desiring to locate the proposed Satellite Dish in a location other than the pre-approved locations.

If you require assistance with the placement of a Satellite Dish, you can find more information on the Preferred Partners page of this website.

A trash can icon Landscaping

Landscaping is a required feature of all homes located in OakLeaf.  Detailed specification can be found in the Architectural Control Guidelines.  These specifications will vary based on the size and layout of the home, as well as the lot type.  Minor changes can be made without approval but no required landscaping should be removed without the written approval of the Association.  It is important that you ask the Association if the changes that you are considering making to your property require approval from the Association.  It is fast and easy to ask questions using the Contact Us link.

The only two approved turf types for OakLeaf East are as follows:
St. Augustine – Floratam Cultivar
Empire Turf – Zoysia

It is very important that you not seed, or over-seed your yard, or use turf repair products which contain grass seeds.  A majority of these products contain grass types which are not permitted in OakLeaf.   Some of these unapproved grass types include Bermuda, Bahia, Rye, and Centipede grasses.  These grass types are unapproved, competitive, and invasive and usually end up doing more harm than good to your lawn.  St Augustine is a fairly “lazy” grass and doesn’t like to compete for resources with either weeds or other grass types.

Lawns must be fully sodded and maintained in a neat and attractive appearance.  OakLeaf East’s, and West’s, landscaping requirements include regular mowing, weed control of turf, tree trimming, hedge trimming, weeding of beds, edging along sidewalks and driveways, debris blow-off, and regular watering.  All properties in OakLeaf shall be fully irrigated using a zoned, timer-based controller.  Clay County Utility Water Use records are available to the Association and are periodically reviewed.  Proper watering, fertilization, pest and pathogen control are all necessary parts of a healthy OakLeaf  landscape.

Required Oak trees shall not be “topped” or severely pruned so as to appear stunted.   All trees shall be pruned as needed to maintain health and form in such a way that retains or improves the natural form of the particular species; provided, topiary may be practiced upon suitable species if professionally and consistently maintained.   The branches of a tree extending over any public sidewalk shall be trimmed to at least the height of twelve feet (12.0 ft) above the sidewalk.  The branches of a tree extending over the travel portion of any public street used for vehicular traffic shall be trimmed to the height of at least fourteen and one half feet (14.5 ft) above the street.  All tree pruning shall be conducted according to the standards of the National Arborist Association Standards.